At Berthing Maritime Consulting we offer a full range of specialized services to meet the needs of our clients. Our Integrated Technical Consultancy covers several areas crucial to the success of maritime projects, providing expert support at every stage of the process.

Maritime Port Consulting

  • Integral Technical Consultancy
  • Follow-up / Review of studies
  • Site Selection
  • Preliminary Maritime Climate Study
  • Evaluation and optimization of alternatives
  • Nautical risk studies
  • Maritime traffic studies and AIS data
  • Offshore wind farm implementation

Nautical Studies


  • Manoeuvring Space

  • Towing Requirements
  • Vessel Accessibility
  • Maritime Signaling
  • Dredging optimization
  • Operational Limits


  • Design / validation of mooring layouts

  • Maximum movements

  • Operational limits
  • Ship to Shore Compatibility Studies

  • Mooring and fendering equipment design
  • Bollards, Quick Release Hooks (QRH), fenders


  • Port engineering
  • Joint and global vision
  • CAPEX-OPEX estimation


Berthing Maritime Consulting was created with the purpose of offering innovative solutions to the port sector, maintaining the same philosophy that characterizes the other companies of the Berenguer group, focused on research, development and innovation (R&D&I). As an active member of the International Association of Waterborne Transport Infrastructures (PIANC), Berthing actively participates in various working groups, contributing to the development of reports, forums and technical congresses. This positions us at the forefront of maritime port design.

At Berthing, we cultivate an open mentality that fosters collaboration with other entities, with the aim of seeking synergies that allow us to achieve our objectives efficiently, optimizing resources and strengthening our commitment to excellence in the port field.

  • Development of new tools and methodologies

  • Evaluation of new technologies

  • Design of new port infrastructures